About Us

Mission Statement

East Washington Freedom Alliance exists to mobilize citizens and organizations across the counties of East Washington, working towards restoring freedom, justice, and adherence to constitutional values in state and local governments.



The foremost purpose of EWAFA is to provide an information sharing website or HUB where participating organizations can post information about their organization, upcoming activities, events and meetings through the use of an event calendar. Through use of this HUB, freedom organizations will be able to increase their exposure, grow their membership and increase the effectiveness of their group activities and events.


EWAFA is comprised of a committee of volunteers associated with the Free East Washington Movement. Click on link freeeastwashington.com The vision of EWAFA is to provide access, service to, and influence from all member groups for the direction and makeup of the Freedom Alliance.


East Washington Freedom Alliance (EWAFA) is a group of freedom loving men and women belonging to and supporting many different liberty minded organizations here in East Washington.