Adam Smith

City of Spokane Valley - Council Position No. 2

Elected Experience
No Information Submitted

Other Professional Experience
Small Business Owner with 3 locations in Spokane

West Valley high school Graduate, 2 years College education (EWU, SCC), Washington State Intermediate EMT, Certified Structure Firefighter, Certified Wildland Firefighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, American Kenpo Black Belt.

Community Service
12 years as a Volunteer Firefighter/ EMT in Spokane County.

My experience working with people from 2 years old to 100 is unmatched in our city’s leadership and I know that experience is needed to create the future for our city that makes it a special place to live. I strongly believe I am the best candidate to create innovative ideas, and work with seated council members to create our best city! Join me as we educate new voters, engage experienced community members, and create connection! I see a bright future in the Spokane Valley, join me as we gear up and hit the campaign trail to make a difference!

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