Andy Rathbun

City of Spokane - Council President

Elected Experience
West Central Neighborhood Council Chair

Other Professional Experience

I am a retired veteran Lt. Colonel, USAF and Washington Air National Guard Counter Drug Task Force. I served as a Navigator and Mission Commander based at Fairchild AFB for over 30 years with 10,000+ flight hours, including many overseas missions and campaigns.

Four years Washington State University, BS Physical Sciences degree and ROTC

Community Service
Over 20 years of community service, Vice-president of the West Central Community Center Board of Directors. Former Chair and Vice-chair for West Central Neighborhood Council. Helped form our COPS program for the City of Spokane with the formation of COPS West.

Thank you for learning about us, your candidates. Free elections are among the reasons that I served in the military during times of crisis and calm.

This election isn't about right versus left, it is about right versus wrong. As a major and growing mid-sized American city, Spokane is facing the biggest city problems. We must address these with our hometown values. Our current city council majority has gone the wrong direction by following the Seattle council's liberal lead. I will increase our police, our housing inventory, and help the small business owners who are the backbone of our economy.

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