Code of Conduct

  1. Always act within the bounds of the law: East Washington Freedom Alliance (EWAFA) groups must adhere to the laws of their jurisdiction. Illegal and unethical actions undermine the movement's credibility and reputation and can result in legal consequences. It is essential for the movement to maintain a reputable, credible image in order to achieve its goals.
  1. Respect individual rights: EWAFA groups should not infringe on the rights of others. Any actions or campaigns must be conducted with respect for the community and individual privacy, including professionalism and a high moral standard.
  1. Avoid violence and aggression: Non-violent means should be employed in all EWAFA group campaigns. Use of force, aggression, and intimidation not only goes against conservative and ethical standards, but also risks endangering the safety of people involved.
  1. Promote honesty and transparency: EWAFA groups should strive for honesty and transparency in all their campaigns. Information should be presented in a fair and honest manner, not only to promote the movement's message but also to maintain the public's trust.
  1. Avoid personal gain: EWAFA group membership should not be about individual, personal gain. Any financial gains or personal benefits from activism should not be pursued.
  1. Uphold human dignity: EWAFA groups are grounded in a belief that every person is entitled to dignity and respect. The movement should embody this principle and reject any form of prejudice or denigration of individuals or groups.

EWAFA Code of Conduct was last modified on July 12, 2023