Common-sense conservative candidates, spotlighted by WAGOP, sweep school boards in Mead and Puyallup

Bellevue—Common-sense conservatives, supported and highlighted by the WAGOP, won big in last week’s elections, with Mead and Puyallup school boards securing conservative majorities.

The Mead School Board, which serves north Spokane County, now holds a four-person conservative majority on its five-person board.

“We were attacked as bringing partisanship into the race, but really it’s the opposite,” said winner Alan Nolan, who defeated 25-year incumbent Denny Denholm, according to reporting from The Spokesman Review. “Our goal is to bring the focus back strictly to education … and rebuild trust with the community.”

In addition to Nolan, Michael Cannon and Jennifer Killman won seats on the Mead School Board.

Mead parent Sydney Charlton told The Spokesman Review that she did not have trust in the previous board and before the election she had been considering home-schooling her two children. “I was over the moon when they won. I literally teared up. I almost cried.”

Three common-sense conservative candidates, also supported by the WAGOP, won seats on the Puyallup School Board. They include incumbent Joseph Romero, Gretchen Miles, and Shannon Burch.

Both Puyallup and Mead school boards now hold conservative majorities.

“Over the last three months the WAGOP has been hyper-focused on getting great conservatives elected to school boards, and returning our education system back to focusing on basic principles like reading, writing, and arithmetic; something our current system is utterly failing at” said WAGOP Chairman Jim Walsh, recently.

“Six weeks ago, we identified 36 bellwether school board races based on political leaning, geography, voting coalitions, etc. that would help determine the future of Washington State’s political direction and the movement our Republican Party is making,” added Chairman Walsh. “If we succeeded in these races, then it means our revamped messaging and new boots-on-the-ground political strategies are working. I’m ecstatic to be able to say that THEY ARE WORKING.”

Currently, conservative school board candidates are winning 32 out of 36 bellwether races, a resounding win rate of nearly 90%.

“To put that into perspective, in 2021 during the last local elections, WA Democrats bragged about a 65 percent win rate for their candidates,” explained Chairman Walsh.

With half of WA students unable to read or write at grade level and nearly two-thirds not proficient in math, WAGOP, more than ever, is committed to delivering high-quality, uniform basic education to all children residing within the state’s borders. Supporting common-sense conservative school board candidates aligns with this objective.

By Washington State Republican Party