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Precinct Caucus Are Coming!!
Jan 13th, 2024

Did you know you can be part of your local caucus as a citizen?

We need conservative patriots to flood our caucuses to prevent establishment Republicans from selecting establishment (RINO) candidates.


This is an excellent opportunity to engage in your local and statewide political process.

PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers that neighborhood residents elect) lead the precinct meetings during caucuses. The goal of the caucus is to elect delegates and alternates for the 2024 Spokane County Republican Convention held on February 10 and also to review and update the party platform. YOU can become a delegate if elected!  

WHY THE URGENT NEED? Because TRUE conservative delegates are required to fill the delegate positions so that we can prevent the 'establishment' from electing 'establishment' (RINO) candidates and shutting out candidates like Semi Bird for Governor. 

Pooled meetings will begin at 10 AM on January 13; please arrive 30 minutes before the session starts to have ample time to sign in. The caucus will be in session for about 2 hours. You must have an I.D. and voter registration information to check in to the caucus. Each precinct will have a table that will help you check-in. Watch the video above for more details.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Spokane County Republican Party at (509) 838-6162 or Email: info@spokanegop.com.

Please visit www.SpokaneGOP.com to donate and sign up to join our conservative grassroots America First movement.

Step #1

To find what precinct you are in, use the link below. Then, when on the site, click the "Your Voter Registration" link at the top. Scroll down the page to find your Precinct Name/Number.

>> Find Your Precinct

Step #2

It is essential to sign up beforehand to save time at check-in and for faster verification when you arrive.

>> Sign Up To Attend Your Caucus!

Step #3

>> Click Here to Find Your Precinct Caucus Location -- See you there! 🙂


Together, we can make Washington & Spokane County Safe, Prosperous, and Great Again!


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