Esteban Herevia

City of Spokane District No. 3 - Council Position No. 1

Elected Experience

Other Professional Experience
Esteban is the Health Justice and Belonging Strategist at WSU’s Elton S. Floyd College of Medicine. He’s worked in higher education for over 10 years and is a trained mediator and strategic planner.

Esteban holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Fresno Pacific University and is the first in his family to graduate college.

Community Service
Esteban has collaborated with numerous organizations and businesses throughout Spokane, including Terrain, Spokane Pride, HPBA, and Spokane Public Libraries. He served as President and CEO of a large, local non-profit, raising nearly $500,000 for the organization and providing COVID relief to the community.

I’m a mediator, educator, small business owner, renter, and proud community member. Just like you, I’ve been impacted by our changing housing market; I swerve the potholes on our streets; and I’m concerned about safety in our neighborhoods. You and I deserve a safe, healthy, thriving community where each of us belong.

On Spokane City Council, I will advocate for change that supports all residents. I believe in our local businesses. I believe in our community organizations. In our renters. In our homeowners. In our districts. And most importantly, I believe in you. Esteban Herevia is here for you.

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