Medical Freedom

Medical freedom is a fundamental human right that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their own bodies and healthcare. It ensures autonomy, choice, and the ability to pursue alternative treatments, ultimately safeguarding our individual liberties and the pursuit of optimal health.

Medical Freedom

Families For Freedom
Informed Choice Washington
Family Police Institute

Families For Freedom  -Spokane-



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Informed Choice


Our Passion is to Educate the People and Advocate For Medical Freedom!

Informed Choice Washington (ICWA) provides resources and advocacy for medical freedom, informed consent, scientific integrity in public health policy, and the elimination of vaccine mandates in Washington State.

Family Policy Institute 


Fighting to protect America's constitution and theological foundation through education, advocacy, and litigation efforts.

To unite, represent, educate, and equip Washington legislators, Pastors and Citizens to knowledgeably speak out on authentic biblical values, public policy, and bills impacting Individuals and families within the public square.

Spokane GOP Party

Spokane GOP


To promote good government by getting Republicans elected at all levels, support them and hold them accountable


The Spokane GOP is anti-establishment and stands to support and represent America First leaders who put the people before party and agendas. WE are the new GOP, the party that stands for 'We the people' .


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