Mike Naccarato

City of Spokane District No. 2 - Council Position No. 1

Elected Experience
As a newcomer to politics, I am unencumbered by the status quo or partisan politics.

Other Professional Experience
Professionally, I have spent over a decade in a purchasing role, honing my negotiation skills and developing a keen ability to get things done. Through my experience, I have learned the importance of finding common ground, collaborating with diverse stakeholders, and striving for practical solutions that benefit our community.

Studied Political Science at Eastern Washington University.

Community Service
As a full-time working parent, a significant portion of my time in the community is dedicated to supporting my children in their educational endeavors, sporting events, and activities.

Hello, Spokane! I'm Mike Naccarato, and I bring a refreshing approach that prioritizes honest communication and transparency. I firmly believe in speaking truthfully, even when it's uncomfortable. As your representative, I won't sugarcoat issues or avoid tough conversations. I'll be a voice of clarity and integrity, fully dedicated to addressing the genuine concerns facing our city. By electing me, Spokane will gain a no-nonsense advocate who fearlessly challenges the status quo. Together, let's bring a candid and straightforward perspective to governance, ensuring decisions are rooted in facts, accountability, and the best interests of our community.

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