Voter Guide

Next election: Tues, Aug 6th

Check our calendar for deadlines pertaining to the next election.

What's on my ballot?

What's on your ballot depends upon which Congressional District, (state) legislative district, and possibly the precinct you are registered in.

While you don't need to know your Congressional/Legislative District to vote, you can find your district here:

For many elections, you will receive a Voter's Pamphlet. Voter's Pamphlets typically are done by county or sometimes several counties will be combined into one Voter's Pamphlet. You can view your Voter's Pamphlet on this page:
Remember, Voter's Pamphlets show ALL the contests in a given county. Again, YOUR ballot may not contain all contests listed in your county Voter's Pamphlet.

Want to see exactly what will be on YOUR ballot? This page will show you a voters' guide customized to the measures and races on your ballot: